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About HERA – The company

HERA – The powerhouse for ideas

With a company history going back more than 150 years, HERA is an established manufacturer of metal products.
HERA – Herm. Rahmer GmbH & Co. KG – offers you metal solutions for all your needs and delivers any wire, strip and tube product as well as assemblies you require.

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Metal products for mounting, securing and moving


However, HERA is not merely a supplier of metal products, but together with its experienced staff develops solutions which can then be completely implemented in-house: from the first design to production of prototypes, in-house tool making to series production – all the while fulfilling the strictest quality assurance criteria.


With mostly non-cutting forming, we process up to 235 active materials and convert them into all conceivable shapes by using punching, bending, cutting, welding, laser and plastic overmolding techniques.

“Solutions in Metal” – Problem solver for metal products

Our premises comprise about 60,000 m² with a production space of 10,000 m², equipped with a modern machine park – most machines with an average age of under 8 years. Currently, HERA employs almost 70 permanent employees, producing more than 5,000 different special designs but also standard parts made from wire, strip, tube as well as thread elements, customized screws and assemblies.

Feder, Scharniere, Klemmen

Our various products can be found in all global markets and in a wide variety of sectors: in the automotive, electronics, household appliance, construction and furniture industry – to name only a few of our customer groups.

Our goal: exceed requirements

DIN EN ISO 9001:2008DIN EN ISO 14001:2009

Based on our certified quality management according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 and DIN EN ISO 14001, HERA can ensure that our customers always receive high-quality products complying with the renowned standard “Made in Germany”.

At HERA, it goes without saying:

  • Use of only high-quality steels.
  • Development and design carried out by an experienced team.
  • In-house manufacturing of tools and devices.
  • Fast processing and production even for low order volumes.
  • Production on state-of-the-art high performance machines.
  • If required, optoelectric monitoring of parts.
  • Compliance with social standards and wise environmental policies.