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  • The whole variety of bent wire, punched and tube parts “Made in Germany“.

    October 2011

    The whole variety of bent wire, punched and tube parts “Made in Germany“.

    Starting with the planning and design phase through to series production – with our own tool making facilities and prototyping: for anything related to holding, securing and moving – we have the right metal solution for you – solutions in metal.

  • HERA wishes you nice summer months.

    July 2016

    Treat yourself sometimes a little break.

    In the meantime we continue to produce your individual products in highspeed! …

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  • Checked lilies of the valley? No problem for us!

    March 2015

    For 125 years, a powerhouse in germany: we specialize in items you will find nowhere else.

    HERA is a manufacturer of made to order metal products. When none of the regular products offered in the marketplace can meet your need, HERA will show you its strengths …

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  • Metal Products for the Electrical and Electronic Industry

    January 2015

    As a manufacturer of metal goods, HERA also produces components for the conduction of electrical currents.

    Power supply lines, power distribution, power feeds and electricity storage could not be realized without metal parts. Strip, tube and wire components from HERA are ideally suited for these applications … Read more …

  • Metal hooks as resource requirements

    October 2014

    What determines your success?— Metal hooks for proper mounting.

    When you are looking for custom-tailored solutions for mounting, suspending or securing, you have found the right partner in HERA.

    Custom solutions are our forte! Read more …

  • Manufacturer of punched bent parts

    September 2014

    HERA produces punched bent parts from metal strip with all types of chip less cold forming processes.

    From development to production and further processing – HERA is the right partner for all types of punched bent parts. As a manufacturer of punched bent parts, HERA is one of the leading suppliers in Germany. Read more …

  • Formed wire components direct from the manufacturer

    August 2014
    Formed wire component

    HERA is a manufacturer of formed wire components, metal bands and metal tubes.

    HERA is one of the leading manufacturers of formed wire articles in Germany. From design through manufacture – right up to further processing, HERA is the right supplier of all types of formed wire components.
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  • Overmolding Metals with Plastics

    July 2014

    HERA is a manufacturer of metal products which can be overmolded with plastics.

    If you are looking for a manufacturer and supplier producing metal components and then overmolding them with plastics, HERA is the right partner for you.
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  • Member of the VDA

    March 2014

    Automotive suppliers with transparent communication.

    In addition to activities in several German industry organizations, HERA is also a member of VDA.
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  • Quality that goes beyond production

    February 2014

    Because continuous improvement processes do not end in the manufacturing phase.

    Special features and the conditions in which the metal product developed is to be used are clearly defined long before production commences. Read more …

  • Advance Quality Planning, Engineering and Logistics

    November 2013
    New staff members

    The new staff members are here!

    At HERA there are now four new staff members available to support you with fresh ideas. Read more …

  • The new logistics centre

    October 2013
    Logistics centre

    A new building for even faster and more flexible deliveries

    The new logistics centre is taking shape: the newly constructed warehouse and dispatch hall for HERA will be ready to move into at the turn of the year.

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  • With a broad product portfolio at the IAA

    August 2013

    2013 once again sees HERA offering numerous products for automotive suppliers.

    Isofix systems, strikers and pins for safety. Upholstery wire, adjusting mechanisms, spring elements and seating mats in the interior. Gearshift rods and gear levers in drivetrain management …

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  • Terms and Conditions of Purchase

    July 2013

    Download as PDF file

    Terms and Conditions of Purchase as of July 2013

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  • Exposed?

    June 2013

    Prevent a collapse — Close the supply gap.

    Do you suddenly lack a key link in your supply chain?
    Did your supplier plan his exit without you?
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  • General Terms of Delivery and Payment

    May 2013

    Download as PDF file

    General Sales Conditions as of May 2013

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  • When your supply chain breaks down …

    February 2013

    … HERA can save your day – with a *1 credit rating!

    At present, we are receiving troubling news and urgent requests for capacities on account of the increasing number of insolvencies and financial troubles of a vast number of market participants. Read more …

  • We even deliver to South Africa!

    January 2013

    Spende für Südafrika However, this time no metal products but rather a donation in the form of soccer jerseys. This special activity by HERA proves that such social commitment pays off – even far beyond the borders of the Sauerland region.
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  • Too specialized for a catalogue

    October 2012

    Sonderanfertigungen aus MetallWherever specialized solutions are required, HERA is the right partner.
    Customized solutions for special requirements are HERA’s forte.
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  • Automated welding technology

    June 2012

    welding technologyPrecision – even with production of high volumes.
    An important component of the HERA “One Source Package” is the resistance welding technology we use (press welding). By far the most significant part of the products manufactured serve the safety of your family.
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  • HERA named “Supplier of the Year”

    April 2012

    Supplier of the Year durch KIRCHHOFF AutomotiveHERA was voted Supplier of the Year 2011 by KIRCHHOFF Automotive!

    Presented by Padraig Coyle, purchasing manager of KIRCHHOFF Automotive’s Ireland plant, the certificate emphasizes the outstanding business relationship with HERA. Read more …