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News: Checked lilies of the valley? No problem for us!

March 2015

Checked lilies of the valley? No problem for us!


For 125 years, a powerhouse in germany: we specialize in items you will find nowhere else.

HERA is a manufacturer of made to order metal products. When none of the regular products offered in the marketplace can meet your need, HERA will show you its strengths …

If you need customized solutions, then HERA is the right partner for you

Drahtbiegeteil kompliziertFrom first design to manufacture of prototypes, in-house tool making to series production and strict quality control, Hera is a manufacturer of all metal products used for retaining, securing and moving.

Drahtbügel aufwändig

Extraordinary, but always reliable

Metallband gestanzt gebogenAlso when safety is the top priority, HERA products are in high demand. Especially when protection of people and assets is required, quality “Made in Germany” plays a key role.

From first design to post-machining and subsequent finishing, at HERA everything is done with the highest quality and precision. To achieve this precision, our production is complemented by extensive post-machining processes where necessary.

Consequently, the adding of knurling, chamfers and rivets by machining as well as overmoulding with plastics completes our product range.

Metall-Baugruppe geschweißt

Longer than the standard

HERA can meet your demand for specialized designs: even longer special screws, varying threaded elements, varied punched parts, customized welding studs, various wire springs or clamping disks, just to name a few.

Metallstange gestaucht lackiert

Our product range comprises all types of wire, screw, compression and forming products, all manufactured in a cold-forming process. Naturally this includes all follow-up steps such as turning, milling, thread rolling, cutting, drilling, welding and plastic overmoulding …

Metall-Draht biegen

Manufacturer of metal products

Please address your inquiry for metal products to be produced by us based on drawings, sketches or submitted sample to info@rahmer.com. Or phone one of our team members in sales, technical support or purchasing directly.