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News: Metal Products for the Electrical and Electronic Industry

January 2015

Metal Products for the Electrical and Electronic Industry


As a manufacturer of metal goods, HERA also produces components for the conduction of electrical currents.

Power supply lines, power distribution, power feeds and electricity storage could not be realized without metal parts. Strip, tube and wire components from HERA are ideally suited for these applications …

Not only does metal wire serve as a medium for conducting electricity, bent wire parts are also used to keep power lines in the right position, thus ensuring proper guiding of power cables.

Metal tubes for cable routing

Metallrohr zur KabelführungFormed, compressed and bent tubes are used to accommodate cables. Since a variety of sizes and diameters as well as any required form can be realized, routing of power cables in the metal tubes can be custom-fit to the individual situation and purpose to allow for a customized cable assembly.

Bent tube pipes can also be used for temperature control in the electrical industry. They can be employed as thermo elements for cooling of electronic components in distribution boxes and control cabinets. In addition, cooling via metal tubes plays a vital role for energy storage with batteries or power generation via transformers.

Metal components for socket outlets and power strips

Steckdose Metall-InnenlebenFor power distribution and metal connectors HERA offers suitable products made from metal strip. Using bending, punching and bending technology, metal strip is transformed into pressed parts, punched and deep-drawn parts for, among others, socket plates, flat and formed springs, metal clamps or wall-mounted sockets.

Steckdose MetallklemmeThe assemblies created by further processing technologies such as clinching, joining stamping, milling, turning, bolting, soldering or welding are employed in socket strips and multiple plugs, for accommodation of power plugs or for connector guides.

Plastic for insulation of metal

Elektro-MetallkronenJust as important as conducting electricity is the issue of insulation. At HERA, we overmould live components with plastic, coat them with rubber or perform powder coating via vortex sintering. In addition to the insulating effect, plastic also significantly reduces the overall weight of the metal assembly.

However, surface treatment can also achieve the opposite: through galvanic surface finishing processes such as nickel plating, copper plating or zinc plating, the conductive properties of the metal parts can be enhanced.

Live metal elements

steckerleiste-metallHERA offers resistance to any type of voltage anywhere: you will find our products in wind and solar power installations for the generation of renewable energies as well as in equipment technology: washing machines, dishwashers, vacuum cleaners, all types of kitchen appliances, ovens and grills, water heating appliances, thermo elements, baby-phones, lamps and light fittings, cable drums, switches, electric motors and many more

Metallwaren für Elektroindustrie

Purchase your metal components directly from the manufacturer

Please send your inquiries for metal items, which we will then produce based on your drawings, sketches or submitted samples, to info@rahmer.com. You can also directly call one of the associates in our Sales, Technical or Purchasing departments.