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Bending technology: Bending of wire and tube

Bending technology

We process wire and tube parts using bending technology with processes such as bending, punching, pressing, drawing, joining, compressing, riveting and clinching. But according to DIN 8582, welding, turning and drilling are also part of the processes for non-cutting and cutting shaping. We have a wide array of machinery for wire bending and forming, particularly suited for large orders and series production.

Bending and forming operations – either bottom or air bending (i.e. with a bottom bending tool or with a CNC-controlled air bending technique with straight-line or rotating tools), combined with integrated pressing (punching, pressing, pinching, notching, reducing) – can be combined with other elements. For instance, this allows for welding or automatic assembly such as mounting a plastic roller onto a wire handle.

We provide you with:

  • Bent wire parts made from all standard materials
  • In a diameter range from 0.8 to 16 mm
  • In any obtainable profile: rolled, oval, square, round, flat, rectangular
  • For automatic production with feed lengths of up to 2000 mm or
  • In individual steps with feed lengths of up to 5000 mm.