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Electrical Industry


Power and safety

For decades, HERA has been manufacturing a variety of live parts. Our punched, punched-bending, bent wire and tube parts ensure trouble-free transmission of electrical currents everywhere.

In close cooperation with a specialized company located right in our neighborhood, we can offer our customers special surface finishes (similar to plastics) which provide unparalleled insulation against unwanted electrical currents with their full-surface or partial coating. Our products offer the right solution for effective insulation.


Power generation and energy storage

Our products can also be used in the power plant sector:

  • To secure pipe supports, pipe suspensions and hook clamps (molded and insulated).
  • For distribution and routing of cables, cable assembly and for control cabinet
  • As thermo elements or as bent tube parts for cooling and energy storage.
  • For batteries, transformers or energy storage devices.

Power distribution, plants and instrument engineering


For this sector as well, we offer a wide range of products. From simple terminals, ribbed nails and insulation pins to protective guards, clips, springs, brush holder housings, customized screws for electric motors, 63 A contact terminals and anchor hooks for secure suspension of lamps and lighting.

We can offer you all interior parts for sockets and outlets, outlet strips or complete multiple plugs as well as plug-in connectors. Whatever your needs may be: made from copper, brass or aluminum – spring hardened to soft as butter.

Household appliances and kitchen technology

Some product examples:
Dish racks, rails, grill and kitchen accessories, control levers and brackets as well as complex welded assemblies.

Our products are used in all large and small appliances:
Washing machines, dishwashers, vacuum cleaners, kitchen appliances of all kinds, ovens, grills, hot water boilers, thermo elements, baby phones, lamps, lighting, cable drums, switches, in every electric motor and many other appliances.