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Punching and bending technology: Punching of strip

Punching and bending technology

We use the pressure forming process with up to 1600 kN to produce punched parts from metal strip. We can process pressed, punched and drawn parts with maximum tool clamping dimensions of up to 1200 mm x 700 mm. For punch and bend forming we use ultra modern Bihl machines with integrated state-of-the-art mid-frequency resistance welding units.

Material feed and procedures such as riveting or clinching are fully automated and performed directly inside the tool. Quality inspection is performed via camera-monitored control systems and automatic sorting systems (e.g. optoelectronic equipment or using magnetic particle inspection).

We provide you with:

  • Flat and formed springs
  • Made from all materials: from spring-hardened (PT strip, 1.4310) to soft materials (iron, copper, brass, stainless steel)
  • With press forces of up to 250 MPa
  • For wall thicknesses of 0.2 mm to 4.0 mm and
  • For strip widths of 5 mm to 80 mm.