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No one can do everything – alone.


Cooperation with our suppliers is the basis for meeting the high quality standards for our products and ultimately contributes to satisfy our customers. We consider our suppliers as partners who, with their competence, assist us in continuing optimization and further development, in the efficient design of manufacturing procedures and processes as well as in the expansion of our range of products.

We would like to welcome you as a trusted partner, ready and willing to face these challenges.

Our procurement program includes:

Wire sector:

  • Iron wire
  • Cold forged wire
  • Spring steel wire
  • Padded wire
  • Drawn profile wire
  • from all materials and with all surface finishes

Strip sector:

  • Cold-rolled strip
  • Slit strip
  • Spring steel strip
  • from all materials and with all surface finishes

Tube sector:

  • seamless and welded
  • from all materials and with all surface finishes, with diameters up to approx. 50 mm

Surface and heat treatment sector:

  • Tempering, annealing, carbonitriding, plasmanitriding
  • Chrome plating, copper plating, nickel plating, galvanizing
  • KTL-, EPS- or wet paint finish, vortex sintering, PA coating

Packaging material:

  • Cardboard boxes, cut-outs, EP films and EP bags
  • Pallets, special packaging, boxes, containers, SLC/small load carriers
  • Tailor-made foam inserts, individual packaging for high-quality surface finishes

Our guidelines

Should you be interested in a forward-looking cooperation, please apply by filling in our supplier questionnaire:

For any questions, please contact Mr. Jörg Lippert/Purchasing at +49-2723-777-12.